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"After drinking it during my confinement, I have much more energy to take care of my baby. It is also really easy to prepare confinement dishes with the help of Huiji."

- Violet Fenying, MediaCorp Radio - Love 97.2FM DJ
"I used to feel numbness in my fingers and back pains from housework. After consuming Huiji for 2 weeks, the numbness and back pains subsided considerably"

- Mdm Wong, 64
" As a DJ, I keep a very busy and hectic schedule. To fight fatigue and for good health, I take Huiji Waist Tonic to maintain my lifestyle. I always choose Huiji Waist tonic and it's ideal as a festive gift too!"

- Xu Bing, MediaCorp Radio - Capital 95.8FM DJ
" Health is the most important asset one can possess at my age. I used to feel sore back and the numbness at the joints from my golf games. Thanks Huiji, I can enjoy my games now."

- Wee Fui Twee, Retired Principal
" Working in a law firm, I put in long hours, yet I still feel energized doing housework at the end of the day…all thanks to Huiji Waist Tonic."

- Sheila Hoong, Personal Assistant
" I took Huiji Waist Tonic during my confinement and it really helped me get back my energy quickly. Most tonics contain alcohol and thus unsuitable for breastfeeding mothers, but Huiji does not contain alcohol. Thanks to Huiji for giving me health and radiance."

- Jasmine Leong, Executive Secretary at EVA Air
We will be giving away 500 goodie bags per month to all the mummies whom had given birth at the hospital. Recipe books will be accompanied to guide them on what are some of the confinement dishes they can whip up during their confinement period with Huij Waist Tonic.
We will also be involved in their weekly antenatal classes to brief them on our product so that they can have a better understanding on the product they will be receiving.

" I like the way the product lasts for so long. The other brands that I have used seem to fade after 1 hour but Palief lasts much longer. I used to be unable to sleep at night due to my sore back but with Palief, I could sleep throughout without waking up at all. The nice scent has also a calming effect for me."

- Mdm Ong, Housewife, 65
"My joints on my shoulders and toes hurt from arthritis and Palief have different sizes to fit my needs. Some of the other brands are milder and I cannot feel its effect. For Palief, relief is instant upon application. Its lasting effect is also a plus."

- Mr Wee, Retired Principal, 67
"My neck is always stiff due to sitting in front of the computer for too many hours and Palief helps relief my stiff neck and it doesn't stain on my clothes since it is a plaster. It also has a nice odour, which enables me to use it when I am working without feeling embarrassed."

- Ms Ho, Executive, 33
"I like the way the product lasts for so long. The other brands that I have used so far seems to fade after 1 hour but Palief lasts much longer. Moreover, the effect is very fast, within 3 minutes, I can already feel its effects."

- Tay Cheong Seng, Taxi Driver, 47
"Usually my shoulders aches due to the long drives, but Palief is an instant relief to my aches and moreover, I can use it while I drive and as it comes in a few sizes. I just need to paste them on different parts of my body while working and it is such a relief."

- Mervin Tay, Taxi Driver, 42

"I have tried many different kinds of cough syrup but my "hundred day cough" still persists after several visits to the doctor. After taking half a bottle of herbalmint cough syrup, my cough subsided significantly and I love the way it soothes the itch in my throat right after taking it."

- Ms Ho, Sales Manager, 37

"I used to smoke 1 pack a day, but cigarettes are taking its toll on my throat as it constantly feel parched and dry. After taking herbal mint lozenges, I have cut down to only 2 sticks per day within 3 weeks. Everytime I feel the urge the smoke, I will replace it with herbalmint lozenges and after that my throat feels very good and the urge will go away. I aim to completely quit smoking in another month. Think the happiest person is my wife."

- Mr Wee, Project Manager, 38

" I really love mooncakes and since the season started, I can't help pigging out but mooncakes always leaves me with a "bloated" feeling. Fruity Lite's tangling sweetish-sour taste not only really is a good match with the mooncakes, it also helps digestion and cleanses my palete, making my breath fresh. Moreover, my bad cholestrol has since decreased by 20%. I feel very safe taking it as it is an all natural product that tastes really good."

- Tan Kim Keok, Housewife, 60
" I have been taking it for a month already and for me, it has really helped with my bad breath. Due to poor digestion, I have been having bad breath. I have tried eating mints but it can only hold off the "smell" for a while. When taking Fruity Lite, I can really feel my breath and whole digestion tract " freshening up". It also leaves a clean taste in my mouth."

- Ms Yap, Sales Executive, 27
" I often have problems going to pass motion on a daily basis but after taking Fruity Lite, I have been going on a daily basis. It aids not only clearing my bowels and it also helps in my digestion too."

- Ms Yvonne Chan, Teacher, 33